Business Friendly States: Virginia in Profile

Business Friendly States: Virginia in Profile

For those seeking to start or expand their business it is worth giving the state of Virginia some real consideration. Having one of the most business friendly environments combined with an expansive educated workforce and low operating costs, Virginia ranks quite high with reputable sources such as Forbes and CNBC. If you take a look at costs, labor supply, current economic climate, quality of life, growth prospects, and regulatory environment, Virginia comes out as a top contending state for business entities of all shapes and sizes.

Government Incentive Programs in Virginia

If you are an entrepreneur considering starting your business endeavour in the state of Virginia, you may be quite pleased to know that the government has implemented many business friendly policies and strong incentive programs throughout the state to create a welcoming business environment. As one of the 24 Right-to-Work states, you will find that much of the workforce throughout this region consists of non-union employees. Much of the employment force that is readily available consists of recent college graduates that possess fresh ideas and highly innovative thinking skills that can be of benefit to your business.

The government of Virginia has created many incentive programs that are customized to specific business requirements. Regardless of whether your business is focused on products or services geared toward the retail, manufacturing, or technologies industries; or you are operating a small skilled trade style company you will find government based programs that will help ensure your business thrives.

Employment Opportunities in Virginia

Virginia is home to some of the world's major private employers with a strong reputation in the areas of cutting edge medical care advancements, marketing and merchandising, healthcare, education, logistics, and more. This includes companies such as Philip Morris USA, University of Virginia Health Systems, University of Virginia, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Heart & Vascular Institute, Inova Health Systems, Kings Dominion, VCU Health System, Lab Corp., and Newport News Shipbuilding.

There are approximately 10 major metropolitan areas throughout the state of Virginia. This includes cities such as Alexandria, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Roanoke, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Blacksburg, Winchester, Harrisonburg, and Danville. While these cities do have constant streams of people that live, work, and visit the area, many business entrepreneurs are choosing surrounding communities to live in. Having short commutes to and from their business facilities, these entrepreneurs find they experience the best of both worlds that Virginia has to offer. The surrounding communities offer amenities that include highly rated school systems, quiet surroundings, desired public services, various transportation options, relaxed atmospheres, and more.

The Economy of Virginia

With a booming economy, the state of Virginia is choosing to invest this capital in the businesses that are bringing their wealth to the region. These businesses are in turn growing in size and opening up new jobs to fill their company's expansion needs.

It is not just the incentives that are bringing businesses to the state of Virginia. Companies of all shapes and sizes are finding that the unique opportunities that place them in a position to reach a wide range of highly populated cities around the United States give them the ability to grow their companies quickly. These Virginia based businesses are able to meet the demands of residents in larger populated states in a timely manner, ensuring long term success. Companies in turn are gaining recognition as leaders in their specific industry.

Climate of Virginia

The mild climate enjoyed in Virginia enhances the business friendly atmosphere. Having warmer, milder temperatures without the extreme weather conditions some other states face annually, Virginia business owners can save money on weather related employee absences, shipping problems, manufacturing delays, and similar issues that occur in other areas of the country. With a choice of seaports, businesses that depend on water transport for the importing or exporting of goods or materials are ideally located.

In Conclusion

Whether you are planning to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test with a brand new venture or you want to grow your existing business, you are sure to find that the state of Virginia provides you with a wealth of opportunities. With tax incentive programs, diverse communities, and expansion capabilities, you will find that there are many advantages in choosing this state.