Business Friendly States: New York in Profile

Business Friendly States: New York in Profile

Businesses looking to base their headquarters in the state of New York should be aware that taxes and costs placed on companies means they may expect to pay more than businesses of the same size are paying in other parts of the United States. However, you will find that the state itself has so much to offer new and relocating business entities.

It is of no surprise that the metropolitan areas of New York are among the cities that seem to be the most business friendly within the state. This includes Manchester, Rochester, and New York City. Businesses of all shapes and sizes find the environment throughout these cities to offer endless opportunities for them to succeed even with the considerable amounts of competition that they may be faced with.

Business Opportunities in New York

While Intuit and Forbes put much emphasis on the high tax rates that New York imposes on businesses that set up shop in the area, when it comes to ranking the states as far as their business friendly nature, other sources in the business world such as CNN Money have written countless articles that show many smaller businesses are placing less emphasis on the tax issues when calculating their chances of success in New York. In fact, these companies are finding that it is the ability to connect with the right target audience that is one of the most important factors.

Long thought of as one of the most important regions for America's melting pot, New York sees a constant stream of diversity in people that live, work, or visit their state. Easy accessibility for import and export services has long been one of the most sought after amenities for all types of businesses around the country. This is definitely one of the benefits that New York located businesses are still taking advantage of today.

Business and Training in New York

New York attains high scores in all areas of small business training and networking program implementation. These are very important aspects to any entrepreneur as they are the factors that will help to build and drive the right cliental to your company. With superior training in place and networking services offered businesses are able to retain their customers by delivering professional customer care. These are definitely areas that can strengthen and grow a business within a very short period of time.

Working and Living in New York

Entrepreneurs will want to keep their eye on new and upcoming development plans that will be taking place throughout New York's three major metropolitan areas in upcoming years. These plans call for new high tech business hubs that are free of congesting traffic and allow for easier commuting. Greener building plans that are already in the works are expected to cut environmental pollutants by up to 30 percent and provide residents with healthier and more enjoyable living conditions throughout much of New York City.